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What Makes for a Good Satellite Internet Provider?

If you’re searching for a satellite internet provider, the choices can seem never-ending.  So, how do you wade through all of the less-than-stellar choices and find the provider that’s perfect for you?

Just be on the lookout for these 7 things: 

1.  Lots of choices

Satellite internet doesn’t have quite as many bandwidth options as DSL does.  However, a good provider will have enough options so that you can find something that’s perfect for both your needs and your budget.

Bottom line – if your potential provider doesn’t have a bandwidth option that fits you like a glove, they’re not right for you!

2.  Lots of customer support

No matter what time it is, you should be able to call your satellite internet provider and get your questions answered by a professional engineer.  You should also be able to go online and look through an entire FAQ section that can answer your basic questions.

3.  Lots of wiggle room in the rate department

Good satellite internet providers cater to both big and small businesses.  So, no matter how small your budget is, you will be able to afford this service.  In fact, a good provider will have options for around $50 per month!

4.  Lots of help with the installation

A good satellite internet provider won’t cut corners when it comes time to get your service up and running.  They’ll send out a qualified engineer to take care of everything quickly and easily.

5.  Lots of email accounts

Whether you’re running a small business or simply want internet service that can cater to your entire family, a good satellite internet provider will be happy to oblige.  In fact, they’ll be able to give you the ability to setup 5 or even 10 email accounts.  And, as an added benefit, they’ll have a built-in spam filter to go with each one!

6.  Lots of freedom from latency

Latency is always going to be an issue, no matter which satellite internet provider you choose.  The trick, though, is to make sure that you have as little latency as possible.  The best providers will be able to cut your latency down below half a second.

7.  Lots of security

All of these perks don’t do you any good if your internet connection is vulnerable to a cyber attack!  That’s why the best satellite internet providers will be able to do all of their work behind your firewall, protect you from viruses, and monitor your service 24/7 so that you take a proactive approach to threats, instead of just responding to anything that may pop up!



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